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 Sri Lanka Flag
 Flag Information
  • yellow with two panels

  • the smaller hoist-side panel has two equal vertical bands of green (hoist side) and orange

  • the other larger panel depicts a yellow lion holding a sword on a maroon rectangular field that also displays a yellow bo leaf in each corner

  • the yellow field appears as a border around the entire flag and extends between the two panels

  • the lion represents Sinhalese ethnicity, the strength of the nation, and bravery

  • the sword demonstrates the sovereignty of the nation

  • the four bo leaves - symbolizing Buddhism and its influence on the country - stand for the four virtues of kindness, friendliness, happiness, and equanimity

  • orange signifies Sri Lankan Tamils, green Sri Lankan Moors, and maroon the Sinhalese majority

  • yellow denotes other ethnic groups

  • also referred to as the Lion Flag

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     Source: CIA - The World Factbook


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