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 Costa Rica Flag
 Flag Information
  • five horizontal bands of blue (top), white, red (double width), white, and blue, with the coat of arms in a white elliptical disk placed toward the hoist side of the red band

  • Costa Rica retained the earlier blue-white-blue flag of Central America until 1848 when, in response to revolutionary activity in Europe, it was decided to incorporate the French colors into the national flag and a central red stripe was added

  • today the blue color is said to stand for the sky, opportunity, and perseverance, white denotes peace, happiness, and wisdom, while red represents the blood shed for freedom, as well as the generosity and vibrancy of the people

    note: somewhat resembles the flag of North Korea

  • similar to the flag of Thailand but with the blue and red colors reversed

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     Source: CIA - The World Factbook


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